donderdag 8 december 2016

Soccer-, Rugby- and American Football stadiums

The last two years I have worked together with another illustrator (Tatio Viana) on a serie of children's books called 'When I grow up I want to play for...'. Right now there is a soccer, rugby and American soccer version off this serie. Everytime the story is the same. The main character - a boy - wants to play for his favourite sports club. In every book the outfit of the boy changes. For example there is a Manchester United version of the book. The boy wears an outfit of ManUnited in the book. The same with Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City etc. The only major thing that really change for every book is the stadium. You can check out some of the stadiums I drew the last two years. The stadiums included Manchester United, IFK Goteborg, Wembley stadium (National soccer team of England), The All Blacks (national Rugby team of New Zealand) and several American Football teams like Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida State, Texas A-M and others. More to follow...

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