dinsdag 23 december 2014

Recent work

The last period I worked on a lot of different jobs. Most of the material has not been published and that is why I can only show some sketches.
For Oxford University Press, I made drawings for nine stories.

For Igloo Books Publishers from England I made an illustration for a book about fashion.

For Advocate Art, the agency who represends me, I made an illustration for their calender. This is my contribution.

Before I came to this illustration I had some ideas which I worked out in sketches.

But eventually I came up with some sketches...

... which led to my final illustration. The illustration is contained in a voluminous calendar full of beautiful work.

For Identity Games from Rotterdam, I made the following sketches and drawings for a children's book.

For Dutch publisher Kwintessens I have made a number of drawings that will be published spring 2015 in there education method 'Trefwoord'.

Also for publisher Kwintessens I'm working on a major project 'Kwink (social-emotional skills). The following drawings are animated by Tom Verweij of www.tommotion.nl

For Benchmark Education Company from New York, I made illustrations for a children's book written by Lori Mortensen. The book is called "Click!" and will be published early 2015 in the United States.