zaterdag 3 mei 2014

The first few months of 2014

The last months I made a lot of drawings. For Benchmark Education Company, a publisher from New York, I made a serie of drawings for their brochures. Some samples of drawings and sketches.

Dutch publisher Delubas asked me to illustrate two books. At the moment I'm finishing the second book. At a later stage I can show some detailled drawings, but because the books have yet to be published (this spring) I can only show some sketches for now. The books will be available in the stores (such as Hema and Bruna, etc.) and libraries. The first book is called "Collision Course" and is written by Piet van der Waal.

The second book is called "The Flight of the puppeteer," and is written by Peter Vervloed. On May 12 the drawings needs to be finished. 

For Dutch publisher Kwintessens I'm making a serie of drawings in which animals will be the stars. Here are some samples of sketches and concept art.

Dutch publisher TeamTalento asked me if I wanted to record a video course about how to draw cartoons and comics. The first two courses have been recorded and later this spring a third will follow. In the course, I explain the basics of drawing, how to draw a face, a cartoon figure, action and emotion in a drawing, etc.  I also made a book for the video course and below you can check out a sample.

Along with science writer Govert Schilling (BBC Sky at Night, Harvard University Press) I'm working on a graphic novel. It is now beginning to take shape. About 80 pages are finished in sketch. Below some samples in sketch (text is not final yet).