vrijdag 6 december 2013

Toni Cannelloni

A project that I started years ago, is a comic about Toni Cannelloni. Toni's father, Marco is desperately trying to get a job at the Mafia family the Gambino's. Marco is a tradtional Italian American for whom the honor of the family weighs heavily. However, Marco shortcoming is that he is so clumsy he destroys everything he does. Even the most simple 'job' is for him completely out of hand.
Like a good son Toni tries to help his father in many ways to become a full member of the family. Unfortunately without success.
Over the years I finished several pages of Toni Cannelloni, many sketches and a 3D figure. Here is the result. I hope one day I can pick up this comic again.

donderdag 7 november 2013

Gnome in barbed wire

On some drawings I can work for hours and hours. Here is an sample. The idea was that a boy finds a gnome fixedly get stuck in barbed wire.

The illustration has a lot of details as you can see.

It all starts with an idea and then I start sketching. First I had a whole different gnome in mind, and there were initially two gnomes.

After sketching I put in some color.

Then I put in some light and start giving more detail, change colors, etc., as long until it is finished.

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

Bear on an island

A few months ago I wrote a short story about a bear on an island. So far I only finished one drawing and a few sketches. Perhaps one day I will work on it again, but probably it will stay one of these unfinished stories I wrote... check out the illustration and the sketches.

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Benoit Peeters in Den Haag

Last night (Thursday, October 17th) I attended a lecture by Benoit Peeters at Stroom Den Haag. Benoit Peeters (Paris, 1956), is the writer of 'De duistere steden' (the obscure cities). Francois Schuiten (Brussels, 1956) is the illustrator of this comic serie.
Peeters and Schuiten belong to the greatest comic authors of today. Often Hergé and Franquin are seen as the two biggest names for the European comics, and that's true. But Peeters and Schuiten are to me in the same category as Edgar P. Jacobs (Blake and Mortimer), Uderzo (Asterix) and Morris (Lucky Luke). So it was a bit strange to notice that there were just about twenty people at the lecture... nevertheless it was great to see this legend talk about his comic.

donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Cowboys and pirates

I made this illustration a while ago (April 2013).

The original idea was very different with three pirates...

... I gave the pirates some color and made a sketch of their ship in the background.

At some point the pirates and their ship landed in the desert.

But it didn't work. I decided to maintain only the ship and draw a cowboy on a hill. To his surprise he sees a ship sailing through the desert. Check out the illustrations and details.

woensdag 16 oktober 2013


In maart was ik een paar dagen in Brussel, de hoofdstad van de Europese strip. Legendarische striptekenaars als Herge en Franquin (voor mij de twee allergrootste!) werden geboren in Brussel. Maar ook Jacobs (Blake and Mortimer), Peyo (Smurfen), Hubinon (Buck Danny), Morris (Lucky Luke), Will (Baard en Kale) werden geboren in Belgie.
Kuifje, Haddock en Bobbie op een Brusselse gevel.

Dino Attanasio maakte deze tekening in 1963. Attanasio is vooral bekend van de stripseries Johhny Goodbye en Spaghetti.

Edgar P. Jacobs, schrijver en tekenaar van Blake en Mortimer, werkte dertig jaar lang als de assistent van Herge. Op z'n veertigste begon hij als striptekenaar, na eerst naam gemaakt te hebben als operazanger.

Vogels in New York

Begin dit jaar (februari 2013) maakte ik ook een tekening van vogels in New York.
 Het oorspronkelijke idee was anders. Kijk maar!
 Het is een vrij gedetailleerde tekening wat vaak niet opvalt als je er een kleine afbeelding van ziet.


Het is nooit te laat om een blog te beginnen!
Eerst maar eens wat oud werk plaatsen met wat schetsen en studies erbij. Deze tekening maakte ik begin dit jaar (februari 2013).
En hieronder wat schetsen/studies.