dinsdag 23 september 2014

Illustrations for books 2014

This year (2014) I made illustrations for 8 books. And the year is not over yet! The first six books have been published and are already in the store.

For Dutch publisher Delubas I illustrated two books. The first book is called "The Flight of the puppeteer," and is written by Peter Vervloed. Because I am strongly influenced by comics and comicmakers (Franquin, Jacobs, Hergé, Munuera etc.) my illustrations have more similarities with comics than you usually find in youth and children's books.

Also for Delubas I illustrated the book 'Collision Course', written by Piet van der Waal. As I illustrate, I always try to think 'cinematic'. I alternate with closeups and large views.I also use perspectives that are out of proportion. I love action packed into a drawing, so I always try to think of a clever camera position.
Both books are sold in stores like Hema, Bruna, and other bookstores or available online. The books are also to be found in libraries.

For Oxford University Press South Africa I illustrated four books during the summer. The books are in store from October in South Africa. The first book is called 'An apple a day', and is about two sisters.

Book two is called 'Winners' and is about a twin. In this kind of pictures I draw a lot of action often by choosing a slightly unusual perspective. Or I draw lines overly crooked.

Book 3 'Winter' has a very different style and is for a younger audience.

The fourth and last book I made for Oxford is called 'Reptiles'. I was asked to draw in a more realistic style. Even though the animals stand still, and there is not to much action I try to draw momentum/action in a drawing.That can be done by using a up close up for one animal and draw the other animals further away.

At this moment, autumn 2014, I'm working on two children's books. A book for Benchmark Education Publishers from New York, written by the American children's author Lori Mortensen. For now I can only show some sketches. In the coming weeks I will work it out and at the end of this year  the book will be released in America and England.
I am also working on a children's book for a Dutch publisher. At this point I can't even show the sketches, because they still have to be approved.

Along with science journalist Govert Schilling (BBC Sky at Night, Harvard University Press) I work on our first  graphic novel. In the spring, we completed about 100 pages in sketch. We are now working on the synopsis and some 15 till 20 pages in full color in order to show it to our agencies. Samples of the pages are shown below, but they are not finished at all. The book will eventually comprise about 400 pages.