zondag 29 maart 2015

When I Grow Up...

The past year I made illustrations for quite a few books; for Oxford University Press nine stories which are going to be published in South Africa, for Benchmark Education Company five children's books (including two books in Spanish) which are going to be published in the US and Mexico, for Delubas publishers two children's books in Dutch, for Clean Slate Press a children's book which is going to be published in New Zealand and for Home Town World a children's book to be released in several English speaking countries including England, Australia and New Zealand.
This last book "When I Grow Up ..." is about a boy who dreams of becoming a great rugby player. It was written by Gemma Cary and the artwork I made together with the Spanish illustrator Tatio Viana.

I don't often work together with other illustrators. The first time was more than twenty years ago (1993 or 1994), when I worked together with Marnix Rueb on a comic. Marnix, the creator of 'Haagse Harry', sadly died in October 2014.
We made a comic in which both our comic heroes are acting. First I started drawing three pages of my comic creation 'Joop de Westlander' (just ink on paper!) and then Marnix drew Haagse Harry in the comic. The comic is published in part 3 or 4 of Joop Westlander.

Check out some illustrations and sketches of  "When I Grow Up ...".

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