vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Benoit Peeters in Den Haag

Last night (Thursday, October 17th) I attended a lecture by Benoit Peeters at Stroom Den Haag. Benoit Peeters (Paris, 1956), is the writer of 'De duistere steden' (the obscure cities). Francois Schuiten (Brussels, 1956) is the illustrator of this comic serie.
Peeters and Schuiten belong to the greatest comic authors of today. Often Hergé and Franquin are seen as the two biggest names for the European comics, and that's true. But Peeters and Schuiten are to me in the same category as Edgar P. Jacobs (Blake and Mortimer), Uderzo (Asterix) and Morris (Lucky Luke). So it was a bit strange to notice that there were just about twenty people at the lecture... nevertheless it was great to see this legend talk about his comic.

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